1 Sulphur Quartz Tumbled Stone Grade A aka Sulfur Alchemy
Sulphur Quartz Tumbled Stone Grade A aka Sulfur Alch... from $7.95
You are buying One (1) Sulphur Quartz tumbled stone from the same lot as the stones pictured. You pick the size:Size: Large = 1" - 1.2" lengthMedium = .80" - .95" lengthNatural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.Beautiful with a powerful ZAP of energy to bring "new life" to any situation, especially after a long illness when resources have been depleted - that is the feeling of this gorgeous stone! These all natural Sulphur stones have been polished smooth so they are easy to handle and do not have an overt sulphur smell. If you could magically capture the Sun in Crystal Quartz, then you would see have incredible combination - Sulphur in Pure Quartz Crystal! Over the millenniums Sulphur has been a classic element for the Magician, the Metaphysician and Wiccan practitioner as well as in many Native Traditions. It is well known as a Sun Stone and a transmutational element as philosophically, Sulphur is considered a combination of the Fire and Air elements. In the Bible it was referred to as Brimstone. However, this Quartz Crystal and Sulphur combination does not have the typical "rotton egg" smell. These are smooth, organically shaped stones with multiple layers. The golden yellow to slightly greenish color is completely unaltered, all natural. I particularly like this combination stone as it is more stable than natural Sulphur specimens that have a strong odor. These are virtually odorless. Be certain to keep this specimen away from water and do not make an elixir with it by soaking in water (use only the indirect method). It holds a negative charge and thus it can be used to absorb, block or soften negative energies. You can also use it in "crossing spells" or to "start a fire" metaphysically, whenever big fire energy is needed.

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