Green Tourmaline 3" in Quartz Rough #LV3128


Green Tourmaline 3" in Quartz Rough #LV3128

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Size: 3", Approx. 167g

Often found in combination with Pink Tourmaline, the green variety has more masculine energy than the pink. When pink and green tourmaline grows together in a layered or crystallized form, it is often called Watermelon Tourmaline. Green Tourmaline has similar properties to pink and resonates strongly with both the emotions of the heart chakra and the stability of Mother Earth. It is often found growing in combination with Quartz, Albite, and Clevelandite. Use Green Tourmaline as a stone of joy, happiness, and self-healing.

A rough version of crystal is usually cut from a much larger piece of mined material that is too large or heavy to be used by a person. Rough chunks such as calcites are often acid-washed to subtly smooth out rough edges that may cause cuts or injury and to prevent further flaking or breakage.

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