Amber Copal 3.6" Rough w/ Insect Inclusions #LV1872


Amber Copal 3.6" Rough w/ Insect Inclusions #LV1872

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Size: 3.6", Approx. 10g

This is a great specimen as well as a wonderful healing wand as it is light as a feather and fits beautifully in the hand. You can use it as an extension of your hand to direct and intensify energy. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off and pointed inward it directs energy to the body. So depending on the purpose, it can be used either way. Be certain to handle it with care so it does not drop on a hard surface as it is likely to break. I carry mine in a fabric roll to protect it between usage.

Amber is a strong overall healer and cleanser. It has a warming and uplifting quality that is ideal for those who need an extra energetic but gentle "boost." I like to use it during the winter's darker months to bring a ray of sunshine to the winter "blahs" as Amber will quickly start to absorb negative energies and help build a positive, sunny mood and disposition.A rough version of crystal is usually cut from a much larger piece of mined material that is too large or heavy to be used by a person. Rough chunks such as calcites are often acid-washed to subtly smooth out rough edges that may cause cuts or injury and to prevent further flaking or breakage.

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