Set of 2 Large Rough CLEAR QUARTZ Crystal Points (1.5in+ ea) Crystal Stone #QP02


Set of 2 Large Rough CLEAR QUARTZ Crystal Points (1.5in+ ea) Crystal Stone #QP02

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You are purchasing a Set of 2 Hand Selected all natural, Clear Quartz Rough Points that are from the lot pictured. These are a large size with six sides, a faceted tip, rough base and a sparkly, ice like appearance. They are all natural just as they come from the earth and have not been polished, cut or altered in any way, thus they are ideal for healing work or wire wrapping. So very pretty!

Size: Large = Approx 1.5" + long x .70" -.90" width
Point Count: 2 similar size points

You will receive 2 different points within the size range stated. They have a rather chunky shape, most are single points, a few may have intersects, tabs or twin points as well. Their naturally faceted tips are nearly perfect or very slightly rough. You can see the variety in the picture.

These are a very nice quality, yet reasonably priced crystal points to use for jewelry, crafting, metaphysical healing or collecting purpose.

The picture shown is representative of the size, shape and color but there are many natural variations that you can expect. They are all beautiful and I guarantee that you will love these points. They are a true Crystal Basic that everyone can use for healing, grids and Feng Shui.

Clear Quartz is famous as a cleansing and amplifying crystal so it will be a wonderful addition to any space, altar, medicine bag or healing environment. And for the crafty, it will certainly make something beautiful and amazing.
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