1 XL Rough SMOKY QUARTZ Point Healing Crystal Smokey Stone #SQ10


1 XL Rough SMOKY QUARTZ Point Healing Crystal Smokey Stone #SQ10

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Smoky Quartz is one of my favorite stones as it is a super healer, protective and one of the most grounding (anchoring) stones on the planet. I use it in stressful situations and it keeps my resolve going strong! These are all natural too, not treated or irradiated. Their dark, smoky color comes from natural radiation right in the Earth itself!

You are buying ONE (1) Extra Large Smokey Quartz Natural Rough Points that is from the stones in the lot pictured. Good Smoky Points are hard to find and these are really lovely 1.25" - 2" long, one of the very best sizes to use in medicine bags and in body layouts or wire wrap and set in jewelry.

Size: Extra Large = 1.25" - 2.0" length each stone (width will vary)
Treatment: All natural, NOT irradiated. Not cut or polished, naturally rough
Country of Origin: Brazil

It is a very nice group of medium to dark brown translucent Smokey Quartz that has a deep grounding, protecting and healing energy. They are naturally 6 sided with a point and have not been "cleaned up," polished or shaped in any way. This is how they come right from the earth! Their energy is pure and unaltered. They are also useful as a healing wand, an extension of your hand to direct and intensify energy. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off and pointed inward it directs energy to the body. So depending on the purpose, it can be used either way.

You can use it for healing body work, grids, display and as a protective stone. Overall the energy is quite masculine with a wise, warrior aura. It has seen conflict and survived! This is an Extra Large size and very rough and rustic. This is how it comes right from the Earth without any touch-up, polishing or cutting. Please do not expect this type of point to be cosmetically "perfect" as it is not made from a mold, nor is it really touched by human hands except to dig it out and transport it to you. I especially treasure these more natural points which are not Hollywood style, but strictly BOHO in their amazing appearance and energy. So pretty!

Yes, I'm over the moon about this wonderful point, it has a special magic all its own and will be a very treasured Collector piece for a lifetime of enjoyment. Smoky Quartz is very important to me in my metaphysical cabinet, where I use it extensively for protection and healing.
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