1 GOLDSHEEN OBSIDIAN Mini Palm Stone Grade A Grounding
GOLDSHEEN OBSIDIAN Mini Palm Stone Grade A #GD10 $3.95
You are buying ONE (1) beautiful BLACK OBSIDIAN "Goldsheen" Polished Tumbled Stone (Grade A) that is from the same lot as the stone pictured.Size: Approximately .85" - .95" length x .28" thicknessWhen you need a really strong stone for protection and grounding, Goldsheen Obsidian is your baby! And it has the additional property of "shedding light" onto a confusing or muddy situation...so use it as an "Answer Stone" when you are looking for clarity and insight.This is a gorgeous, sparkling, flat stone that is the ideal pocket size. One or both sides feature tiny sparkling flecks that dance in the light. It is polished all around, in a rounded shape. Be sure to take it out into natural sunlight to really amplify the "fireworks!" It is smooth enough to be used as a small palm or healing stone. Goldsheen Obsidian is a form of volcanic Black Obsidian that Mexico is very famous for. This stone is shot through with hundreds of minute, brilliant gold flecks, bands and swirls in circle formation that make it dance and sparkle! It is such a cool stone for super grounding energy! And it is particularly wonderful for clarity in love situations and to protect one's love interest from any negativity.In any type of reflective light,this stone comes alive with sparkle. It is wonderful for gazing, scrying and meditation. It is 100% all real natural stone, not treated and a basic for every stone collection. Black Obsidian is best known for its grounding abilities and healing qualities. It is extremely effective at absorbing negativity of all kinds, so it should be cleansed with water often if it is doing that in your environment. It also makes a wonderful gift for a loved one!

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