Confronting the Fear: Understanding the 'Scary' Tarot Cards

Overcome your apprehension of 'scary' Tarot cards. Learn about the deeper meanings behind The Hanged Man, The Tower, The Devil, and other misunderstood cards in this comprehensive guide.

Confronting the Fear: Understanding the 'Scary' Tarot Cards

Its your first Tarot reading and suddenly The Hanged Man card appears. You feel a jolt of apprehension, your eyes widen in surprise and you take a sharp breath inward.  It's not uncommon for newcomers to Tarot to feel anxious about certain cards. Images like the Tower, the Devil, or Death can seem ominous at first glance. However, in the realm of Tarot, these cards have meanings that go beyond their superficial 'scary' appearances. A seasoned Psychic Reader such as the readers at Bliss Crystals have the depth of experience to gently guide you through the unknown or the unexamined. This blog will also help you understand these cards in a more nuanced way and address any apprehension you might have.

The Symbolic Nature of Tarot

Tarot is rich in symbolism and metaphor. Each card, even those that appear intimidating, has a depth of meaning that goes beyond its image and face value. While initially a person’s reaction may be shock and fright, most feel curiosity and compelling urge to understand the deeper meaning. For example the Hanged Man, is often about sacrifice, letting go or seeing things from a new perspective, rather than anything sinister or harmful. This type of  card often represents important life themes and transformative experiences that are ultimately beneficial. While it may be difficult as first to comprehend and evaluate, every person alive must face certain life themes that impact us all. Here are the 

The Tower: Symbol of Change. While the Tower, with its imagery of destruction, may seem frightening, it often represents necessary and profound change. It can signify the breakdown of old structures or beliefs, making way for new growth and opportunities. The Tower invites you to let go of outdated ways and embrace transformation, even if it’s initially unsettling.

The Devil: Understanding Bondage. The Devil card symbolizes the bindings and dependencies that restrict us, whether they be unhealthy relationships, addictions, or limiting beliefs. This card encourages introspection and acknowledgment of these bonds, serving as a reminder to regain control and personal power.

Death: Not in the Literal Sense.  One of the most misunderstood cards, Death rarely signifies physical death. Instead, it symbolizes the end of a phase, significant change, or transformation. Like a metaphorical death, this card can herald the conclusion of something, making way for new beginnings.

The Hanged Man: Embracing a New Perspective.  The image of a figure hanging upside-down can be unsettling. However, The Hanged Man symbolizes pausing, surrendering and seeing things from a new perspective. It’s often a call to let go and look at things differently, encouraging patience and open-mindedness.

Ten of Swords: End of a Difficult Cycle. This card often depicts a figure with swords in their back, a graphic portrayal that can evoke feelings of betrayal or defeat. However, it typically represents the end of a challenging period and the inevitable conclusion of something that was no longer serving you. It’s about hitting rock bottom and the only way left to go is up.

Three of Swords: Dealing with Heartache. Commonly showing a heart pierced by three swords, this card can signify heartbreak, sorrow, or emotional pain. However, it also brings the message of healing and moving forward from grief or disappointment.

Five of Cups: Learning from Loss. The imagery of spilled cups can suggest loss and regret. Yet, this card also shows cups that are still upright, reminding us to focus on what remains and the lessons learned from the losses.

Tower of Babel: The Illusion of Security.  The Tower of Babel is often depicted as collapsing or being destroyed. This card is a reminder of the dangers of over-ambition and the illusion of security. It’s about the fall of structures built on shaky foundations.

How to Approach These Images

Understanding as a Tool for Growth: Every Card Has a Positive Side: Even the most challenging cards in Tarot have a positive aspect. They often signal that change, though difficult, is necessary for growth. How you personally react to these images can also be a source of insight. They might highlight fears or concerns that you can explore and address.

During a Reading: Ask for More Insight: If a card’s imagery disturbs you during a reading, ask the reader to expand on its meaning in the context of your question. Often, a deeper explanation can alleviate concerns and bring clarity.

Journaling: After encountering a challenging card, journal your thoughts and feelings about it. This can be a therapeutic way to process and understand the card’s message in your life.

Meditation and Contemplation: Meditating on the imagery and symbolism of these cards can provide deeper personal insights and aid in understanding their true meaning in your life.

Addressing the Fear: In a reading, the context in which these cards appear, their position, and the surrounding cards all contribute to their meaning. A 'scary' card amidst positive cards might have a different interpretation than when surrounded by more challenging cards.

Seek Clarification: If a card makes you uneasy, ask your reader for clarification. A skilled Tarot reader can explain the nuances and how they specifically apply to your situation.
Personal Reflection and Growth: These challenging cards often prompt deep personal reflection and growth. They can highlight areas of your life that require attention or change.

Empowerment: Understanding these cards can be empowering, helping you confront fears or issues that you might be avoiding.

Remember that Tarot is a Symbolic Mirror

Tarot is a mirror reflecting a spectrum of human experiences, from joy to sorrow, from endings to new beginnings. The seemingly disturbing images in Tarot are as much a part of life’s journey as the more comforting ones. By approaching these cards with an open mind and heart, you can uncover powerful insights for personal growth and transformation. Remember, the Tarot is not just a tool for prediction; it’s a means for deeper understanding and self-discovery.

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