Root Chakra Crystal 4pc Healing Set #SK8035

$22.00 $35.00 -38% OFF

Root Chakra Crystal 4pc Healing Set #SK8035

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$22.00 $35.00 -38% OFF

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This is a 4 piece crystal set to use on the body for Balancing and Energizing the Root Chakra.  Suggested use: Lay down on a comfortable surface with the crystals nearby. Place the smoky quartz point between the feet with the point facing away from you (to draw off negative energy), place the red jasper either at the base of the spine, or on the groin area (for energizing and vitality) hold one black tourmaline in each hand (for grounding and protection).  Say the following affirmations (or make up your own): "I feel deeply rooted", "I am safe and secure", "I trust myself", "I make choices that are healthy and good for me"

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