Quantum Quattro 1" Oval Pendant #LV4712


Quantum Quattro 1" Oval Pendant #LV4712

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Size: 1", Approx. 5g

Quantum Quattro is a unique mineral combination, almost always including Malachite, Chrysocolla, Shattuckite and Quartz (or Smoky Quartz). It can also sometimes contain Dioptase, Ajoite, Citrine or Azurite. This combination is quite rare, and was only recently first found in Namibia in 1996, with more deposits discovered in recent years in Peru. Quantum Quattro is a high-vibration mineral mixture that stimulates the third eye and intuition, and is very protective as well. The Chrysocolla, Azurite and Shattuckite help you balance your thoughts and feelings and speak your truth from your heart space. While Malachite adds a layer of protection so you can feel safe to be yourself. The quartz or smoky quartz amplify the energies of all the other minerals in the stone. This combination resonates with the third eye, throat and heart chakras, and can bring emotional strength in stressful times.

With our handcrafted crystal healing jewelry, you can wear the energy that supports your desires while also complementing how YOU want to look. We offer a variety of different types and colors so there's something for everyone!

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