Moss Agate DT Point (34g) #LV0613


Moss Agate DT Point (34g) #LV0613

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You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality Light Green Moss Agate Polished Double Terminated Wand.

Size: Approx 2.4" long x .65" wide
Weight: Approx 30 gm

 Moss Agate is famous as a stone of Abundance, so keep it nearby your desk, safe, cash box or check book. Cut and polished to a 8 sided wand with both ends pointed. This particular lot is the perfect size and shape that many people like for building crystal healing grids, using as a massage wand, medicine bag or carrying as a lightweight pocket stone. They are very beautiful with a deep, grounding energy and nicely balanced to fit between the thumb and index finger.

When I need a boost of abundance (more of something) I instinctively reach for Moss Agate and carry it with me all day long, and then at night, nestle it under my pillow to enhance my creation dreams. It is the premier stone of creating more, like Mother Nature who seems to overreach when creating seeds (thousands and thousands instead of just one)!
Technically Moss Agate is a member of the Chalcedony family, which is considered very valuable and desirable. These wands are ALL very pretty, in dark jewel tones of opaque dark green to light green, with patches of white or brown.

These stones have a nice smooth surface because they have been polished to bring out the beauty of their markings. On a few of the stones you will see little pockets (or vugs) of druzy or stone where it has not been filled in. This is in no way a flaw, but the nature of Moss Agate. Vugs are windows to the soul of the stone. I use them to store my dreams, ambitions and sorrows to be transformed.

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