Celestite 4.9" Geode #LV4535


Celestite 4.9" Geode #LV4535

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Size: 4.9"

The Latin meaning of Celestite is sky or heaven, which associates it with the Angelic Realm. It's a compelling force for all spiritual seekers and has been linked to angels and benevolent spirit guides as well as one of the most potent crystals when used in meditation; soothing sleep issues or worry issues due to its ability to relieve emotional pain without causing harm

A Crystal Geode is a more rounded rock that contains a central hollow cavity that is naturally lined with crystal material. The crystals may be in very small druzy like points, large points and sometimes intergrowths of other minerals. Geodes may be polished on the outside or stabilized with another material to ensure the integrity of the geode as they can be subject to breakage or flaking.

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