Amethyst Faceted Jewelry 3 pc Box Set Sterling Silver Earrings, Pendant, Adjustable Ring #LV3201


Amethyst Faceted Jewelry 3 pc Box Set Sterling Silver Earrings, Pendant, Adjustable Ring #LV3201

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Amethyst is known as the "Queen of Crystals" and is one of the most sought-after jewelry crystals. This beautifully packaged gift set of natural Amethyst faceted into stud earrings, an adjustable double stone ring, and a gorgeous pendant is a triple protection amulet and a fashion statement. Your set is custom-made for Bliss Crystals in .925 Sterling Silver with the natural Amethyst faceted into an oval shape.  When cared for properly, this jewelry can last a lifetime.

Amethyst Crystal Jewelry Gift Set includes:

   - Stud Earrings with backs

   - Adjustable 2-stone Ring (fits from size 6-9)

   - Pendant on 18" dainty link chain, open back bezel

   - Fancy pink and blue embossed gift box suitable for gifting or storage and includes an anti-tarnish strip to keep the sterling silver shiny new.

About Amethyst
Known as the "Queen of Crystals" Amethyst rules the realm of mind and spirit. Its relaxing purple color calms and cools anger, negativity, and mental stress. By quieting these forces, memory, intuition, and focus can be greatly improved. Amethyst is the premier crystal for meditation, prayer, and visualization. It provides a protective light shield around one’s aura, guarding against psychic and panic attacks. Amethyst is traditionally regarded as an aid to conquer addictions (drugs, behaviors), relieve nervous imbalances of insomnia, headaches, anxiety, or fear; and is associated with the element of Air, so use it on chakras associated with the chest, throat, and third eye.

Sterling Silver & Crystal Jewelry Care
Amethyst is sensitive to sunlight and needs delicate care. The dainty pendant chain should be handled gently so do not pull or twist. Remove all Amethyst jewelry before showering, bathing, swimming, or working out.  When not in use, jewelry should be neatly stored so as not to tangle or be scratched by other stones.  Avoid contact with perfumes, soaps, and other cleaning products. Remove before sleeping. Use the anti-tarnish strip in your jewelry box to protect the silver from excessive tarnishing and use a specially treated cloth to remove tarnish.  Most polished crystal stones can be cleaned with a soft cloth or artist's brush dampened with a little warm water and mild detergent. Do not soak in water or use salt as it is too abrasive.  Avoid heat, acidic solutions, or scratches from hard surfaces.

To energetically cleanse and re-charge your crystal jewelry, lay it on a Clear Quartz crystal or Selenite overnight. It is safe to bathe them in moonlight but always avoid direct sunlight as many crystals might fade. For more information on cleansing crystals, see more on the Bliss Crystals Blog.

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