MUGGLESTONE Jasper Tumbled Stone Hematite and Tigers Eye Iron 1 Large #MS07


MUGGLESTONE Jasper Tumbled Stone Hematite and Tigers Eye Iron 1 Large #MS07

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You are buying 1 (ONE) Collector Quality, Large MUGGLESTONE Tumbled Stone Crystal from the same lot of stones pictured.

Size: Large = Approximately .80" - 1.1" at widest point across, 3 dimensional organic
AKA:Tiger's Iron

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

Mugglestone is a beautiful and more rare combination stone of Hematite, Tiger's Eye Iron (Red or Gold or both) and Jasper (Red or Gold or both). These tumbled stones have been polished smooth into larger, organic shapes. They are an ideal size to be a pocket stone, for medicine bags, grids or display. Be sure to appreciate them in natural light and especially in sunlight where they will flash their stripes and mesmerize you with their depth!

Mugglestone is known as a grounding and protective stone. Simply beautiful!

Notes from my Professional Experience
In my healing practice, Hematite is one of the Essential Eleven stones that everyone MUST have. It is the premier grounding stone that can quickly help one get "back down to earth" during any stress, panic, overwork, fatigue, overindulgence, distraction or trauma.

When I adorn myself with Tigers Eye, energetically I am ready to face the world, courageous, fearless, eyes wide open. Tiger's Iron will also help with a positive outlook, making me feel "Big and Bold" when I need to.

I like Red Jasper for the Root Chakra where stability and a first sense of oneself as an individual resides. Yellow Jasper is famed for its protective qualities for travelers. I recommend these stones to resolve feelings of insecurity, fear and phobias and to develop a strong grounding in one's physical body. Kids in particular are fascinated and drawn to Jasper and it is ideal for their young, developing egos, self confidence and kindness to others.

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