BLACK TOURMALINE Palm Stone for Grounding #BL62


BLACK TOURMALINE Palm Stone for Grounding #BL62

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You are buying One (1) BLACK TOURMALINE Polished Palm Stone that is from the lot pictured.

Size: Small = Approx 1.3" - 1.8" across
Weight: 1.3 oz - 2 oz +

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

These are handmade and are wonderful polished Black Tourmaline Polished Palm stones. There are faint traces of layers, veins, and natural stone patterns, yet the final product stands out as a solid black, and very reflective.

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most protective stones especially in Feng Shui where they can be used in a grid formation to protect and deflect negativity from property, house or business. Sometimes, people bury it around the perimeter of a building. I use Black Tourmaline extensively in my healing practice both for people and the environment.

Notes From My Professional Experience

In my healing practice, I use Black Tourmaline daily as it is the premier grounding, purifying, and protective crystal. It is absolutely essential in all healing work in order to ground the energy and absorb negativity that may be present on the physical, mental, emotional or spirit level. It never needs cleansing itself, although I don't think it hurts to treat it with a puff of air or sound cleansing occasionally. I use it extensively in grids and healing layouts, especially near the feet, in the hands and at the Root Chakra. Whenever I do a healing session, even if I don't use the Black Tourmaline on the body, I have a large chunk of it nearby as it will keep the session protected and cleansed of outside influences. In Feng Shui, I pair it with Selenite to create a complete cleansing, purifying energy for any space. Selenite broadcasts clearing energy and Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy, so the pair of them work together for a balanced atmosphere. It is extremely protective, and every home should have Black Tourmaline large as a Guardian Stone.

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