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Kara first learned about crystals by assisting Jillian at the Tucson Gem Show, the largest collection of crystals in the world. It quickly became her passion to learn the basics of metaphysical healing and crystals. 

As an avid sportswoman (softball, golf, hiking, camping), Kara has earned her moniker of “Gem Hunter” as she has the endurance, strength, and skill to navigate the big gem shows. Kara leads the way, climbing ladders, crawling under tables, and combing through crates of raw rocks with her keen eye to find the rarest and most beautiful crystals just for Bliss. Kara loves to combine her physical and spiritual practice in many ways, building wellness and balance through food, yoga, animal rights, plants, and being Mom to mischievous pup Missfit. Kara's sun sign is Sagitarrius and her life path number is 5, meaning she has a desire to make a difference in the world. She is passionate about working with the arts community and is a co-founder of Justified Hype, a collective of creators and professionals passionate about collaboration and the celebration of each other’s work. Kara's go-to crystals include Seraphinite, Tourmaline, Citrine, Moldavite, Topaz, Iolite, and Shungite. Kara will always be sure to bring out the hidden treasures from the Bliss vaults so stay tuned to her shows as you will be delighted and surprised at what Gems she's hunted for you!

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