Meet Bliss Crystals, a Legacy Business founded by Mother Daughter Team, Jan and Jillian.

Welcome to Bliss Crystals! As a Mother-Daughter Team, we represent Mother Earth's Healing Tradition passed down from generation to generation in the form of Crystals, nature's art in stone. We experience Crystals as energetic gem "flowers" that are indelibly stamped with millions of years of growth. They are formed in the dynamic dance of the Earth's mineral crust with fire, water, wind, meteor impacts and the crushing weight of earthquakes, ice and mountains. We find it humbling to hold these Gemstones in our hands and intuitively feel that healing energy from deep within evolutionary space and time. Like crystals, Bliss Crystals has also grown through the generations and into the future.

Our Story

We began our journey as Metaphysical Entrepreneurs in New York City where Jan founded East West Living as a renewed legacy of East West Books. The demand for healing tools and community in 2002 reflected the City's crying need for recovery after the 9/11 attack that deeply scarred residents, businesses and the land itself. The East West landmark store became a gathering place for spiritual teachers, healers and New Yorkers of every race, faith and culture. Jan invited Jillian to join her in NYC after Jillian graduated with her MA in Environmental Science from Leeds University in England. It was time for Jillian to come home and help take the reins and also put her certification as a Yoga Teacher into everyday practice. She said "Mom, everybody is asking for crystals to help them feel better! We need to get a lot more!"


Jan and Jillian do Tucson

And so, we began buying crystals from India, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Madagascar, South Africa, Japan, China and Europe at the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona. Both of us were sponges soaking up the Crystal Energy, Knowledge and Beauty. We were spontaneously drawn to impossibly larger than life specimens as well as the most fragile microscopic gems! It must have been past life experience because we immediately recognized the healing potency of the Crystal Kingdom for everyday people and our connection to the crystals was magical. Both of us were amazed to admit that the ‘stones spoke to us.” We also intuitively realized the energetic spiritual connection to our yoga practice and knew we had found our calling. Over the years we met and made friends with hundreds of family owned mines on 5 continents and learned the true meaning of Grade A and ethically sourced stones. We had “come home” long before crystals became “a thing” on Facebook and social media.

Fast forward our move back to our home state of California where we opened one of the first and most successful Etsy Crystals stores online. By 2011 Bliss Crystals ranked #80 out of 2 million Etsy shops with a perfect 5 star rating for volume sales, quality and customer service. By 2015 we had outgrown Etsy's technical and marketing capacities and launched online and a designer’s dream retail store in Temecula, California. Alongside this spectacular growth, we held true to our values of authenticity, education and sterling customer service.

1000's of Crystals & Specimens to Browse and Hand Select

Bliss Crystals is unique from all other online and retail crystals stores since we have invested in a truly complete line of Healing Crystals including the more rare and esoteric stones such as Moldavite, Amber, Topaz, Celestite, Ruby, Emerald, Herkimer Diamond, Covellite and gem grade Lapis Lazuli. Each stone is lovingly hand selected by our highly trained buying team for Grade A quality, color, shape and polish. We do not buy sight unseen or order by mail, nor do we buy the cheaper stones available from warehouses. Our mission requires natural beauty, Grade A quality, hand selection and the best energetic vibration. While Covid19 restricted our international product stocking ability, we relied on our extensive warehouse collection to see us through the crisis.

1000 store-Bliss

Insert store and product pictures here showcasing outstanding beauty Passing the Torch

In 2018, Jillian accepted a new role as Bliss Crystals President, company spokesperson and leadership of day to day operations. Jan (affectionately known as Mama J at Bliss) continues to contribute her experience through authorship, mentoring and strategic communications. Both Mother and Daughter realized there comes a right time to “pass the torch” and we are delighted with the transition. Jillian’s initiative in the new Bliss app, live shows, new product lines, jewelry workshops, production studios and YouTube channel has grown Bliss Crystals into an even more highly successful and admired company.

Mama J loves to wear her crystals (Baltic Amber is one of her faves)

One of Jillian’s favorite Crystals is Labradorite (for inner vision)

New executives and managers are in place to train the next generation of retailers, social media experts and customer care professionals. And we continue to introduce new healing sets, custom bath and body products and recent crystal discoveries. It is a well kept secret that new variations of crystals are still being unearthed and introduced around the world. Our ears are to the ground to bring these newly found treasures to our customers with a thorough explanation of the crystal's healing properties. And so our journey continues through change, growth and new generations to come.


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