1 Phosphosiderite Puffy Heart + Info Card #LV0902


1 Phosphosiderite Puffy Heart + Info Card #LV0902

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Oh, I so love really pretty stones and Phosphosiderite (Fos-foh-si-der-ite) is sure to satisfy anyone's craving for true beauty. These gorgeous stones from Peru are also named "Orchid Stone" because of their amazing, soft orchid color. Really, it is like a flower in stone. Amazing and one that I deeply treasure for its high spiritual vibration It reminds me very much of Angelite, with a soft, sweet heavenly energy. I just want to sit and meditate on it.

And you will too! Just hold this Heart in your hand or near your heart center. Close your eyes and feel a gentle wave of bliss flood your mind and body. This is artfully shaped and polished and the perfect size to fit in your hand, and use for healing and acupressure. It is polished smooth, and puffy shaped and feels wonderful in the hand. The heart chakra responds to this stone in a big way, so use it for emotional balancing, healing, and learning forgiveness.

The heart shape is a universal symbol of love and positive vibrations. In crystal form, the heart is even more powerful as a healing, soothing, and releasing energetic tool.

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