Pink Scolecite 1.8" Pendulum #LV4838


Pink Scolecite 1.8" Pendulum #LV4838

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Size: 1.7-1.8", Approx. 10 - 15g

A stone of great purity for awakening the higher heart chakra, spiritual transformation, meditation, and connection with Angel Guides and Fairies. Use it to calm any type of disturbance. It is one of the best crystals for insomnia, lucid dreaming, more restful sleep, profound relaxation, and massage. Keep a tumbled stone or palm stone under the pillow. A good starter “Ascension” stone esp for ultra-sensitive people or empaths. Scolecite offers a unique protective energy field for the emotional, mental, and psychic bodies and insight into one's life's journey.

A pendulum is a weighted crystal or metal point with a chain attached. Use it as an intuitive divination tool to answer questions, make decisions and get spiritual guidance. To use a pendulum, first cleanse it and spend some time with it to attune your energy. Hold it by the end of the chain, with the pendulum dangling, and ask it to show you your yes, no, and maybe/unclear answer. Then once you understand the direction of each answer, you can begin asking questions. It is best to ask yes or no questions rather than open-ended questions. This practice is also known as "Dowsing".

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