PEACOCK ORE Crystal Information Card Double sided aka PEACOCK ORE Crystal Information Card Double sided aka
PEACOCK ORE Crystal Information Card, Double sided a... $1.25
You are buying 1 (One) Hand Crafted, Bliss Crystals PEACOCK ORE Crystal Information Card. These cards have been designed and printed by our shop, backed by years of personal experience in using Healing Crystals. The paper is card stock with a smooth matte finish so it won't show fingerprints.Business Card Size: 3.5" x 2"These cards are ideal for including with a crystal gift or adding to your personal knowledge for your collection, medicine bag, or altar. Tuck this Crystal Card into your purse, wallet or backpack or keep it at bedside. On the front of the card (pictured) you will find prints of the stone along with its source locations, color variations, along with Chakra and Zodiac associations. On the back of the card (not pictured) you will find the stone's healing uses based on personal experience and legend.May you enjoy wisdom, discernment, and divine guidance on your life's journey!
1/4 lb Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Medium Stone Rough Crystal
1/4 lb Chalcopyrite "Peacock Ore" Medium Stone Rough... $14.95
You are buying 1/4 LB Collector Quality, CHALCOPYRITE AKA "PEACOCK STONE" Chip Size, that are from the same lot as the stones pictured. (Approximately 50-60 stones per bag). These are a custom mix and very hard to find in this quality and size. It is a wonderful quality of Peacock Stone and is the perfect size for medicine bags, jewelry, Feng Shui and crafts. Color mix may include indigo blue, bluegreen, aqua, purple, pink, gold, copper and sometimes a bit of orange. Overall the Chalcopyrite metaphysical energy is one of upliftment, joy and happiness! The energy will uplift any environment. A note if you are not familiar with Chalcopyrite - the coloring is completely random and natural, so you will often find a blue stone that has a few pink areas or a gold stone with multiple colors on it etc. And that is true of these stones. You will also see some stone matrix which is light grey or white. You will REALLY like these, they are pretty and people kind of "oohhh" and "ahhh" over them and ask if they are "real." Yes they are! IMPORTANT NOTE: When you receive them, run them under tepid water to both remove the mining dust and to cleanse them energetically. To dry, either air dry or pat gently with a soft towel. DO NOT RUB! This type of stone can "shed" so treat them gently. Treatment: Rough stone, not tumbled or polishedPrimary Healing Energy: Uplifting, Joy & Happiness Color: "Peacock" Irridescent ColorsSize: Medium Mixed Size Approx .40" -.90" each Other Uses: Meditation,Reiki, Feng Shui, Massage, Metaphysical# Stones in Bag: Approx 50 - 60 stones (this listing is by weight not stone count)Weight: 1/4 lb (4 oz) bagCreative Ideas on How to Use Mini CrystalsThese are the perfect size for medicine bags, medicine wheels and accenting larger crystals in body layouts and grids. I have also used them extensively in my Feng Shui practice to accent and enhance the beauty of spaces and objects. Try scattering around plants, to enhance the look of candle or incense settings. They are beautiful grouped in your favorite glass dishes or art glass. On a table, put some around any natural objects to call attention to them and create beautiful energy. In crafts I have used them in mandalas, set inside clear polymer to make a design of any kind. They are great for creating custom jewelry, wire cages, wire wraps. Remember, your imagination is the only limit! Important common sense note: don't allow young children to play with these or put them in their mouths. Could be a choking hazard.NOTE: Chalcopyrite tends to be "dirty" and can shed dust. If this happens, simply rinse under a little running water and air dry. This should subside after a cleaning or two.

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