Essential Oils: Your Aromatherapy Guide Book #LV3727


Essential Oils: Your Aromatherapy Guide Book #LV3727

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The use of essential oils is ancient, with records showing they have been used as far back as 3300 BC in India and China. Today there are a variety of different methods for using these healing botanical beverages like diffusers to release their fragrance into your home or office space so you can enjoy them anywhere! Essential oils are natural liquids extracted from plants (flowers, leaves, and seeds). These potent fluids can be used in many ways to enhance physical, mental, or emotional well-being. EOs have been known for their ability to change moods quickly; they also provide an instant solution when it comes time for stress relief! For example: add eucalyptus oil to your pillow so you wake up refreshed. There is no shortage of options available as far as diffusing goes.

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