Dianite, Grade AA 1.2" Cabochon (6g) #LV1236


Dianite, Grade AA 1.2" Cabochon (6g) #LV1236

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Size: 1.2", Approx. 6 gm

Dianite is a variety of Siberian Blue Jade, mined from the icy tundra of the region. It was named after the late Princess Diana who passed away in a tragic car crash in 1997, the same year that the stone was first discovered. It's icy blue color resembles not only the princesses eyes, but her Sapphire engagement ring. Blue is the color of honesty and truth - two principles Diana lived her life in accordance with. Dianite is a stone of emotional expression, helping us have clarity of speech to communicate with love and precision.

Cabochon shape is typically slightly domed and polished on one side, and flat unpolished on the opposite side. So pretty and ready to go for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind pendant, earrings, or other handcrafted jewelry. You can either set the oval in a bezel, wire wrap, or drill. It is also wonderful carried as a tiny palm stone or "worry" stone.

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