BUMBLEBEE JASPER Tumbled Stone AKA Pumpkin Jasper #BJ23


BUMBLEBEE JASPER Tumbled Stone AKA Pumpkin Jasper #BJ23

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If you have problems getting up in the morning or stoking the fire of motivation, then try Bumblebee Jasper by your bedside or office desk. It literally screams WAKE UP! and will keep your energy humming and buzzing all day long. If you let it, that is! This type of Bumblebee has a pastel grey, black and olive green layers alternating with marigold yellow and pumpkin orange... very very pretty. You can also see where the volcanic action pushed up the layers and broke them apart - it reminds me of flowing golden lava.

You are buying ONE (1) stunning BUMBLEBEE Jasper tumbled stone from the same lot as the stones that are pictured. This stone is quite rare and this particular lot is even more special as it includes layers of gorgeous pumpkin orange with olive green Serpentine. It originates from the volcanic flows in Indonesia and glows with fire energy. Such a beautiful stone!

Large = Approx 1.0" - 1.3" (some are wider and thicker, others longer and thinner)
AKA: Eclipse Jasper

This gorgeous stone has been expertly tumbled to a smooth to semi-smooth finish. Since Bumblebee Jasper is naturally a porous stone, you may see natural small vugs in the stone, which sometimes gives a view inside including some druzy crystals. The color is absolutely gorgeous, bright pumpkin orange flowing bands with olive green, marigold yellow and a little black. Its energetic feel is like that of a bumblebee, delightful, playful and supremely nurturing. Just as the bee pollinates the flowers and makes honey in its industrious habit, this stone is also set to bring you helpful mental activity, success in new projects, magic and insight. It is ideal for students who are studying difficult subjects and taking examinations.

The dust of raw Bumblebee Jasper can be toxic (remember bumblebees sting!) but this problem is eliminated once the stone is cut and polished as this one is quite safe. However we never recommend making a direct gem essence of this stone (only use the indirect method).
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