5 Ways To Care For Your Amethyst

Amethyst is the premier crystal for meditation, visualization and prayer. Known as “the Queen of Crystals,” Amethyst is capable of soothing tension associated with fear, anxiety, and anger, and bringing you to a more focused state. This crystal can be especially useful to you if you are suffering from addiction or loss!

5 Ways To Care For Your Amethyst

We all want to know how to protect our friends, but how do we protect our crystal friends? As the flowers of the mineral world, they can be just as delicate as they are powerful, and just as each person has their unique set of needs, so too does each crystal.

Best ways to wear


Amethyst is a suitable hardness for the crafting of fine jewelry in addition to tumbled stones and beads. For this lucky reason, there are many gorgeous ways to wear and keep Amethyst close to your person; rings, earrings, and more. Finely cut faceted gems and Amethyst cabochons are available in many forms as well as tumbled bead necklaces, bracelets and point pendants for wearing or divining!

You can also benefit from the healing frequencies of Amethyst simply by enjoying their company like you would a loved one or friend! You will find this crystal in geodes ranging in size from so massive they could fill up several football fields to so small they could fit in the palm of your hand.

Placing Amethyst crystals or geodes anywhere in your work space or home promotes clarity and helps ease geopathic stress. I place amethyst under my pillow or on my bedside table to promote a better quality of sleep. To read about more ways to use your amethyst crystal, read this!

Moh’s Hardness Scale

Amethyst is a 7 to a 7.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. Beautiful Amethyst jewelry and faceted cut gems and cabochons as well as tumbled stones are abundant at this hardness.

The luscious gemstone Amethyst is a considerably hard stone, having this said, it is still very important to take proper care of your Amethyst crystals and jewelry to avoid scratches and fading of color. If you take care to place this crystal individually where it is not bumping up against any other crystals it will aid in the prevention of scratches on this stone or any other and keep them glassy and lustrous as ever.

Amethyst crystal will scratch anything that is softer than a 7 on the hardness scale, and be scratched by anything harder than it.


  1. Separate your stones to avoid scratches from friction! You can also choose to wrap your crystal in a soft cloth, like silk or velvet.
  2. Amethyst is considered self-cleansing, but it never hurts if you do it right! Since Amethyst can be sensitive to heat and light, consider cleansing with Moonlight over Sunlight, or any other form of cleansing you can find here.
  3. Protect from chemicals that can often be found in cleaning agents and even perfumes! Amethyst is sensitive to alkaline solutions, hydrofluoric acid and ammonium fluoride. If you need to physically cleanse your amethyst, a soft bristled brush paired with a mild solution of soapy water will do the trick.
  4. Because a lot of amethyst is heat treated to enhance the violet tones of allure, it is vulnerable to cracking and fading with heat and temperature changes. Avoid leaving your crystal in direct sunlight or exposing to heat. No steam cleaning!
  5. This seems like common sense, but don’t take your amethyst swimming or on strenuous workouts. These conditions could endanger your crystal! If you place amethyst in a pocket, make sure it is secure and will not fall out because it’s always so sad when you lose a crystal friend on the go

Here at Bliss Crystals we hope that this has helped you understand how to understand and care for your beloved amethyst a little better!

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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