The Varieties of Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is the premier crystal for meditation, visualization and prayer.  Known as “the Queen of Crystals,” Amethyst is capable of soothing tension associated with fear, anxiety, and anger, and bringing you to a more focused state. This crystal can be especially useful to you if you are suffering from addiction or loss!
Varieties Of Amethyst Crystal

There are many beautiful different forms and varieties of Amethyst crystal, each with their own energies and qualities unique to their region and composition. Amethyst is found virtually all over the world, but some rare forms are sought after because stones with their individual qualities are found in only one mine or even a particular crystal formation on the planet!


Siberian Amethyst

Origin: Siberia, Russia

Color: Deeply colored gems with red and blue hints.

More information: rare, expensive. This is the highest grade of Amethyst available!

Brazilian Amethyst

Origin: The Brazilian states of Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Maraba, Bahia

Color: Ranging from the light green of the mine that yields Prasiolite mine, to a rich purple.

More information: Brazil is the biggest exporter of Amethyst. Sometimes this term is used in the trade to encompass all South American Amethyst.

African Amethyst

Origin: Namibia, Madagascar, Zambia, South Africa

Color: Lavender to deep purple

More info: South African Amethyst is generally lighter than African Amethyst.

Quartz Amethyst

AKA Chevron Amethyst, Dogtooth Amethyst, Banded Amethyst

Origin: India, Russia, Brazil, Africa

Color: Purple, with Opaque or Clear Quartz layered on top, or sometimes in Clear or Milky Quartz bands access the Amethyst.

More info: This stone is sought after for it’s meditative properties, and ability to stimulate the psychic senses and the third eye. The Quartz often appears in V patterns, or zig-zags through the Amethyst.

Types of Amethyst with Special Properties and Other Rare Forms:


AKA Lime Citrine, Green Amethyst, Green Quartz, Veregreen, Amegreen

Origin: Montezuma Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Color: pale green

More info: Amethyst from a specific deposit in this mine can be heat-treated to turn it into Prasiolite! There are natural deposits found in Susanville California, USA, though they are quite rare. This stone will act as an amplifier of emotions. You can combine it with other crystals for greater effect!

Vera Cruz Amethyst

Origin: Vera Cruz, Mexico

Color: Clear to Lavender to a pale Mauve, often with darker Mauve terminations

More info: Often appears as a single prismatic cluster. Is renowned and sought after for it’s high-vibration and ability to access higher spiritual planes


AKA Red-Cap Amethyst

Origin: A particular mine in Ontario, Canada. North of Lake Superior.

Color: Purple with reddish tints, banded with other minerals and topped with red hematite.

More info: This variety was found in the last 20 years, and as such is very popular. It is called Auralite-23 because there are 23 different mineral inclusions found in some deposits in this mine. It is renowned for a primal rejuvenating sort of energy. Very sought after by healers.

Super Seven

AKA Melody Stone or Sacred Stone

Origin: A mine in the state of Bahia, Brazil in Espirito do Santo that is now underwater.

Color: Many colors, purple, yellow, smoky grey, clear like quartz.

More info: This is a very rare variety, especially since the only mine to contain it is underwater. There were mines in Brazil and India who thought they had unearthed Super Seven, when in fact, the deposits did not contain all seven minerals. This is why you will find Super Six or Super Five crystals on the market!

Brandberg Amethyst

Origin: A mine in the state of Namibia, Africa. This variety comes from the world’s oldest desert, and is named for the Brandberg mountain in Damaraland.

Color: Traditional Amethyst blended with Smoky Quartz, ranging from Clear or milky to brown or purple.

More info: The indigenous people of Damaraland, the Herero consider Brandberg to be “the Mountain of the Gods.” This gem is mined in the inhospitable desert through a process that may take weeks.

Goethite Amethyst

Origin: Ametista do Sul, formerly Sao Gabriel, Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil.

Color: Amethyst with ferric iron needle-like inclusions.

More info: This Amethyst has a bit more of an earthy feel due to the ferric iron contained and can help connect you to the environment. Falsely called cacoxenite.

Enhydro Amethyst

Origin: Around ancient water tables.

Color: Any color of Amethyst with water and sometimes bubbles trapped inside.

More info: Enhydro Amethysts combine the mystical cooling properties with Amethyst with ancient organic energy that is thousands of years old!

Family Tree Relationships


Chevron Amethyst, Dogtooth Amethyst, Ametrine, Prasiolite, Red Cap Amethyst, Vera Cruz Amethyst,Siberian Amethyst, Super Seven Crystal, Auralite-23, Melody Stone,Sacred Stone, Brandberg Amethyst,Trapiche Amethyst

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*** Crystal healing is not a suitable replacement for regular visits to your physician or therapist, rather a complementary article to the process. If you are experiencing symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Results of crystal healing may vary person to person, not all results will be the same. The claims made in the above statement are not intended to be curative and are not approved by the FDA.

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