WOOD OFFERING Hands 8" Hand Carved Bowl for Altar, Balinese, Crystal Display Decor #WH02


WOOD OFFERING Hands 8" Hand Carved Bowl for Altar, Balinese, Crystal Display Decor #WH02

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These gorgeous, hand carved wood hands are individually hand crafted and stained a natural wood color. The material is Suar Wood (sometimes called Suwo or Sabo wood) which is a reddish brown color. These lovely hands are a safe home for your crystals or other keepsakes. (Crystals shown in secondary photos are NOT included - for display purpose only).

Size: Approx 7.5" - 8.5" length x 6" width x 2.0" high (each is hand made so size may vary slightly)
Weight: Approx 204 gm (7.2 oz)
Color: Natural brown, may vary from lighter to darker as the wood is natural and varies somewhat in actual shades.
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The two hands are carved from one solid piece of wood, gently curved and incised with rustic details. The base is completely flat so the hands sit straight and stable on a tabletop. They have a modernity to them and yet feel spiritually alive! We recommend using only dry items directly on the wood. If you would like to use these hands for a flower arrangement, we suggest placing a small glass bowl or container inside to hold water.

My favorite way to use these amazing hands is as an offering bowl on my meditation altar. The secondary picture shows them filled with Quartz Point crystals that I use to amplify my other crystals and cleanse and re-charge them. Your imagination is the only limit!

The inside area is large and can hold at least 25 or more tumbled stones or a number of clusters or specimens. These hands should last a lifetime properly cared for. Do not leave in direct sunlight for long periods or allow to become overly damp. Take good care of them and they will take care of you too. Enjoy this marvelous gift from the Earth!

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