World Peace Crystal Companion Set Limited Edition #2 w Ukrainian Artist Grid Map, Gift Box #SK6987


World Peace Crystal Companion Set Limited Edition #2 w Ukrainian Artist Grid Map, Gift Box #SK6987

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You are buying a Limited Edition set of 8 crystals along with a World Peace map by Ukranian Artist AnastasiiaKu. These crystals can be placed on the map to influence your own and the world's energy toward peace and love for Humanity & Earth. We offer a Limited Edition #1 with a different set of crystals.

Crystal Gridding is a powerful prayerful, meditative practice to magnify intentions, desires and plans to overcome any adversity no matter what the circumstances.  This set includes crystals, specifically selected to direct healing intentions to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to achieve these intentions. The set includes a gift box, information label, world map, 8 crystals, organza bag and How to Use Card. The crystals in this set are:

Super 7 - one of the best meditative stones to create the highest spiritual vibration

Pink Calcite - opens the heart to all of humanity, inspiring positive action

Blue Opal - restore a deeper connection with Earth and Nature, understanding the interdependent relationships of the ecosystems

White Chalcedony - creates energy of unity, understanding and mutual respect of all peoples, tribes and nations

Pistachio Calcite - respect all of life and environs of Earth -humans, plants, animals, minerals, the moon and planetary neighbors

Amber - highest level of positive thoughts and vibrations, life affirming energy

2 Clear Quartz Points - bonus stones to use to cleanse and program the other crystals in this set. Quartz is also an excellent clarifier. 

World Map - To use on the map, place one quartz point at your physical location and the other on a world location (such as Ukraine) to which you are specifically sending healing energy. The other stones can be placed in a sacred geometry design of your choosing. Clearly state your intentions as you place the stones on the map. Leave the grid in a safe place where they will not be disturbed but where you can see it to remind you of your humanitarian focus of World Peace. Please note that Bliss Crystals has paid a license fee to the artist for commercial use of her original watercolor design

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings. Some stones have more natural variations and textures. Label may vary slightly as designs are updated.

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