Thick ASTROPHYLLITE Half Polished Half Rough 2.2" Palm Stone for Communication - #AT32


Thick ASTROPHYLLITE Half Polished Half Rough 2.2" Palm Stone for Communication - #AT32

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You are buying One (1) Grade AA, ASTROPHYLLITE Half Polished Palm Stone that is pictured.

Size: 2.2" height x 1.6" width x 1.1" depth (at widest point)
Weight: 116 gm (4.1 oz)
Treatment: Half Polished, sides and back - not entirely polished on the back (2 rough spots)

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It is rare to find a rough piece with a half polished finish and in a palm shape too - we love it!! The sides and back are polished to create a comfortable palm. The front is left rough to emphasize the beautiful sparkling rods that Astrophyllite is known to have.

Heading for the stars? Then bring along Astrophyllite as a guide to unlimited potential, safe company in astral travel, wise telepathic communication and protection from negative forces. The name comes from the Greek words "astron" meaning star and "phyllon" meaning leaf.

It is a mesmerizing chunk that can be displayed from either side and feels great in the hand. It dazzles with coppery needles shot throughout this white and grey matrix stone on both sides. These copper like metallic ribbons glitter and shine with a warm glow, almost like star confetti after it bursts with energy into a million pieces!

Notes from my Professional Experience

I'm simply in love with Astrophyllite. It has an exciting aura about it, inspiring confidence, intellectual curiosity, deeper insight into cause and effect and an affinity with bringing forward hidden knowledge and wisdom. It is the ideal stone for teachers, managers, spiritual seekers, creative types like artists, writers, performers, singers and actors. It brings everything important forward on the stage of life. Like a star, simply brilliant!

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