Star Ruby Tumbled Stone (14gm-18gm) #SK5050


Star Ruby Tumbled Stone (14gm-18gm) #SK5050

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Sacred beauty, sacred power! You are buying ONE (1) pretty, STAR RUBY aka Sapphire Corundum Tumbled Stone that is from the lot pictured. This is a gorgeous pure gemstone that has a sheen (like a hazy star in the sky) when held to the light. The sheen is a lighter pink to light purple color. Star Ruby is formed from Corundum with Rutile (aka Silk) fibers that flash and shine in the light. Overall it has a very dark blood reddish-purple color. The term "Star" is used when the Rutile is present to form a "flash." Corundum is a term used for a class of minerals that include Ruby and Sapphire, and the colors can vary widely. The name Corundum is derived from the Sanskrit, kuruvinda meaning "Ruby".

They feel marvelous in the hand and are a delight to the eye. It is a worthy gemstone for laying on the body, metaphysical work and an altar offering. It can even be created into a special piece of jewelry, should you be so blessed to acquire it.

Color: Deep blood red to purple, some nearly black

Ruby is well known as a stone of abundance and prosperity, passion and courage. This can easily ignite one's passion for creating wealth and retaining it. Mentally, this crystal influences a positive, motivated, and courageous mind that can result in dynamic leadership in any endeavor. The darker the color, the more intense the energy.

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