Spectrolite aka Labradorite Extra Small Pebble #SK5830


Spectrolite aka Labradorite Extra Small Pebble #SK5830

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Size: 1.5"/32g

Spectrolite (aka Labradorite) is one of my favorite and most indispensable magical tools. It speaks to the mystery that surrounds us and is within us and that we are privileged to explore in this life. Be sure to take your Spectrolite into the sunlight and see what it has to offer. The sunlight will show you the hidden treasures that lie within. It is a type of Labradorite that has a more black, rather than grey ground. And very difficult to capture its true beauty with the camera. These stones are MUCH prettier in person. Each has a small area of flash that you will enjoy discovering.

The rainbow flash in each stone can be any range of blue, green, or yellow, but they are mostly blue. You will find the flash around the edges or on either side, it is a treasure hunt! But find it you will! This flash effect is called chatoyant which means that it has a shimmering, iridescent sparkle or optical reflectance that is completely natural. 

Overall the Spectrolite energy is one of inner vision, clairvoyance, intuition, calming, and high spiritual vibration! It has high spiritual energy that makes ANYTHING possible and calls to your deepest innate wisdom. One has to feel this stone to fully appreciate its powerful action. While it carries the overall traditional Labradorite energy of inner vision, clairvoyancy, intuition, calming and high spiritual vibration it is primarily a stone of manifestation and gratitude on any level.

This Shape has been artfully handcrafted, cut, and polished. You can use it for display, healing grids, or any other type of metaphysical healing. It is really a substantial stone and you can feel the healing energy.

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