Smoky Quartz 2-3" Obelisk #LV4218


Smoky Quartz 2-3" Obelisk #LV4218

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Size: 2-3", Approx. 13 - 27g

Smoky Quartz is a color variety of crystalline quartz. The color is created by Earth's natural radiation with aluminum impurities in the rock. It often combines with other Quartz minerals like Amethyst and Citrine. Metaphysically, Smoky Quartz has a strong grounding connection to Earth and carries protective energy against all forms of negativity. For this reason, many people carry it for travel protection and as an antidote for stress, imbalance, hostility, or dysfunction in the workplace or social situations in general. Use it to also create positive energy.

A crystal obelisk is usually a 4 sided shaft with a pyramidal apex point at the top. It has a concentrated, power to release or break up other energies for healing purposes. It can also be used as a meditation portal.

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