Septarian Freeform (430g) #LV0323


Septarian Freeform (430g) #LV0323

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This is variously known as Dragon Stone or as Giraffe Stone as its pattern and color resemble a giraffe. The name Septarian has its origins in Latin which means "cracks" - this stone has in abundance naturally. So beautiful and makes each one a unique stone. Septarian is such a fascinating stone! It is a combination of Calcite, Aragonite, and Chalcedony and this group is from Madagascar. It naturally has a kind of egg shape too and spots that were formed by various minerals lining fissures and then compressing over millions of years. Like a mosaic, Septarian Stone is a combination of sunny yellow with dark brown and grey markings and is just beautiful. Septarian is an ideal stone to use in spiritual, drumming, and chanting groups to ensure cohesion within the group. It is very harmonizing and enhances communication. I personally like to hold Septarian during times of stress as it feels very comforting.

A freeform crystal is cut, polished, and shaped according to the natural flow of a crystal's structure and formation. These are often a type of dome shape, undulating tower, or even flame shape that is beautiful by any standard.

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