Selenite Tall 10" Square Lamp w/ Bulb and Cord #SK8192


Selenite Tall 10" Square Lamp w/ Bulb and Cord #SK8192

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Selenite is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon. There are various and distinctive forms of Selenite found throughout the world. It has very fine, spiritual vibrations so it brings clarity of mind & heart, and allows the user to begin accessing higher consciousness and guidance. It is calming and instills deep peace making it perfect to use for meditation or spiritual work. Form a protective grid around a house with Selenite. Large pieces ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Use wands to cleanse the aura & protect against external, negative influences. As a very soft stone, it can be etched with beautiful designs.

Indulge in the holistic benefits of our Crystal lamps, as they not only elevate your space aesthetically but also contribute to your well-being. Crystal lamps are known to help purify the air, creating a fresher and cleaner environment. Beyond ambiance, they have been known to positively impact mood and sleep, promoting a sense of relaxation. Additionally, the lamps act as a natural barrier, helping to block electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices, contributing to a healthier and more balanced living space. Experience the synergy of beauty and well-being with our Crystal lamps. The warm, glowing light they emit not only adds a touch of tranquility but also elevates the overall atmosphere, making them an ideal addition to any area where relaxation and stress relief are desired.

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