Garnet Flower 1" Beaded Stretchy Ring #LV1971


Garnet Flower 1" Beaded Stretchy Ring #LV1971

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Size: 1", Approx. 1g

I use the Garnet at the sacral and solar plexus chakra, primarily as a stone of attraction, manifestation, charisma, and enhancement for one's sexual and reproductive systems. In general, Garnet has a very healthful influence on the metabolism. Its main action emotionally is to stimulate loyalty and passionate love. I really like the action of garnet at the root chakra, since it helps raise the kundalini (spiritual energy) but also keeps it grounded so it can be accessed and used to good effect. Garnet is probably the world's best crystal stone for enhancing one's personal charisma, charm, and attractive qualities to the opposite sex.

On the psychic level, Garnet is used to counteracting the negativity of gossip, confrontations, personal attacks, lies, and other nasty behavior. It may deepen the attractiveness of one's personality to both bring people closer and to persuade of one's convictions. 

With our handcrafted crystal healing jewelry, you can wear the energy that supports your desires while also complementing how YOU want to look. We offer a variety of different types and colors so there's something for everyone!

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