PYRITE Tumbled Stone aka Fools Gold from Spain #PS90


PYRITE Tumbled Stone aka Fools Gold from Spain #PS90

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You are buying ONE (1) Grade A, PYRITE Tumbled Stone that is from the lot pictured.

Size: Medium = .75" - 1.0"
Country of Origin: Spain
Color: Gold Metallic
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Natural Stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices and color settings.

It is such a beautiful dark shiny gold color that is completely natural stone - very sparkly, a smaller version of regular Pyrite cubes, that glitter and shimmer in the light. The grade on these stones is A, much higher than standard hobby stones sold for kids or collectors as "Fools Gold." It is a custom mix that is perfect for all types of crafts, medicine bags, medicine wheels, crystal healing grids, jewelry making, landscaping and Feng Shui work (where you need "metal" energy.) However, because of their small size, definitely NOT SUITABLE FOR SMALL CHILDREN! These stones are from Spain, where the highest quality Pyrite is found. Most of the sides are very smooth and a few are slightly rough.

This gorgeous little Pyrite stones emanate such positive energy, very uplifting, sunny, happy, confident get the drift! Pyrite is naturally a heavy metal, so they feel heavy for their size. You will receive a variety of sizes and shapes as shown in the picture. The shapes range from roundedcube to flat to oblong to organic shapes and no two are alike! They are not cut into perfect geometric shapes but are truly more freeform.

Notes from my Professional Practice:
Pyrite is a good GIFT for a man, because Pyrite is especially uplifting for men and they seem to gravitate towards it. You can use Pyrite in a healing session, laid on the body or as part of a healing grid to enlighten any environment (yes it is great for Feng Shui where you need metal energy!) Pyrite is one of the Essential Eleven stones, a MUST have for every energy healer as well as crystal collector. Pyrite is legendary as a stone of abundance, prosperity and business success. You can put it on your desk at work or home. Keep it near or in a safe, cash box or checkbook. Hold Pyrite in each hand for an "instant balancing" session.

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