CBD Tincture Broad Spectrum - Lemon 30mg Bottle (900mg CBD) #CBD10

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CBD Tincture Broad Spectrum - Lemon 30mg Bottle (900mg CBD) #CBD10

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$35.97 $59.95 -40% OFF

Shelf Life

New Slightly past Shelf Life 40% OFF

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Bliss Crystals now has a Bodycare line that includes natural CBD products!  This Lemon tincture tastes yummy and has been shown to help with stress and relaxation!

Here is additional information from our Manufacturer:

Between its delicious flavor and versatility, you can support your wellness with CBD any time of day. Its citrusy kiss makes this tincture the perfect addition to any daily routine. Just add a drop to Green Goddess salad dressing, cupcake frosting, or even a glass of water! 

Unlike others, our Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is truly broad spectrum. That means it contains 0.0% THC yet boasts an incredibly phytonutrient-rich profile, including minor cannabinoids (like CBC, CBN, and CBG), terpenes, and flavonoids. All of these working together promote the entourage effect—the phenomenon in which various cannabis compounds work together to enhance one another’s wellness-boosting results.

How it Works

How, exactly, does our Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture work to calm your mind and soothe your body? It all comes down to its interaction with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS helps your body maintain homeostasis throughout the body. By binding to or influencing your endocannabinoid receptors, the high-grade, hemp-derived cannabinoids found in our CBD tincture can help bring your body and mind back into balance. As a result, you'll feel calm and collected—a state you’ll appreciate at all hours, whether you’re gearing up for a new day or winding down in preparation for the next.

Our Formula

Summer Lemon: Organic Broad Spectrum Tincture was crafted to enhance bioavailability so you can enjoy your CBD experience quickly. Our extract contains water-soluble nano CBD particles. 

Since humans are about 60% water, water-soluble hemp oil makes it easier for your body to absorb CBD. In addition, our tincture contains organic MCT oil. These are healthy fats that also assist with absorbing the phytonutrients in hemp extract. 

Yes. That’s it. No preservatives, alcohol, fillers, distracting ingredients, or anything artificial—be it colors or flavors. Also, since we insist on extracting our CBD oils only from 100% organic, USA-grown hemp and using only organic ingredients, every drop of Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is free of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

USDA Certified Organic & Third-Party Tested

But, of course, you shouldn't just take our word for it. So, let's talk proof.  Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is USDA Certified Organic. We subject our CBD tinctures to rigorous purity, potency, and safety tests. Twice. We do the first tests internally, in our own labs, on the raw CBD oil. Then, we ensure every batch of finished products goes through third-party lab testing at an ISO-accredited lab. Every bottle of  Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture comes with a QR code linking to our internal lab reports and third-party testing results so you can confirm that it's as clean and good for you as we say.

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