Moldavite Sz 10.5 Polished Marquis Ring #LV5112


Moldavite Sz 10.5 Polished Marquis Ring #LV5112

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Size: Sz 10.5

Moldavite formed as a tektite from a fiery meteorite crash near the Moldau River in Bohemia 15 million years ago. It has a pitted glass-like appearance with a green hue. True to its celestial roots, it is called "Tears of Heaven" and is the only extraterrestrial gemstone known. It has a strong "feel" so some people need to gradually adjust to its energy. When needed, it can trigger emotional releases such as laughter or tears. One of the best crystals to use when change is needed in life, it is known as a stone of evolution and spiritual transformation. Overall, Moldavite is highly protective and oriented to manifestation, such as good fortune, fertility, and growth. Ideally worn as jewelry or talisman.

With our handcrafted crystal healing jewelry, you can wear the energy that supports your desires while also complementing how YOU want to look. We offer a variety of different types and colors so there's something for everyone!

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