Love & Romance Crystal Companion Set w Gift Box #SK6972


Love & Romance Crystal Companion Set w Gift Box #SK6972

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When you are ready for Love and Romance in the bedroom (or any other appropriate place!) get yourself and your partner "in the mood" with a sweet attitude, loving heart and a boost in the right direction with Crystal Energy. After all, romance and sexual attraction on the physical plane is supported by the mental, emotional and spirit realms where these beautiful crystals reign supreme. Try this wonderful set of healing crystals...for yourself or a gift for a special person.

Yes, this is the same crystal set that I have under my pillow at night - so beautiful and inspiring. It includes an small leather bag to keep them together. It is especially helpful when I travel or just to keep my crystals organized.

These are 7 classic crystals that are legendary for enhancing love and romance. All hand picked stones, all equally beautiful and similar size, about .95" - 1.1" across. You can use them separately or together, hold them in the hand, put one on the forehead or play games with them. It works for me.

Moonstone (silver, cream, black or mixed for romance)
Rhodochrosite (baby pink with ivory or black lacey bands for sexual attraction, love interest and open heart)
Citrine (draw soulmate to you)
Jade (light green for harmonious relationship from China)
Citrine (sparkley gold for abundance in love)
Pink Agate (orange to pink for deep friendship and devotion)
Rose Quartz (translucent pink for heart healing, self esteem, confidence, love)

May you be blessed with love and fulfillment!

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