Lemurian Quartz Semi-Polished Generator (5.5” / 1335g) #SK2047

$239.00 $399.00 -41% OFF

Lemurian Quartz Semi-Polished Generator (5.5” / 1335g) #SK2047

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$239.00 $399.00 -41% OFF

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Origin: Brazil

This jumbo Lemurian Quartz Generator is polished to a point and left natural on all sides to showcase its beautiful barcode-like lines that are quintessential to Lemurian Quartz.

The quality of this crystal is amazing! It is just simple, pure sparkling crystalline quartz from every angle, reflecting and amplifying light into mirror-like celestial magic. It is difficult to find a tower this large and in this high-quality stone as well. It has a beveled base and rough sides that culminate in a perfectly faceted point tip on the top. The tower is six-sided with nice straight edges. And of course, the base is completely flat so it stands up on its own. Very very pretty and a wonderful everyday stone.

One note about Lemurians is that they are "activated" rather than "programmed" like clear quartz crystals. I have always found that Lemurians have higher intelligence and they know where to go and what to do when they get there.

Notes From My Professional Experience
Lemurian Quartz is an unusual and rare form of quartz that is associated with the legendary lost civilization of Lemuria in the South Pacific some 14,000 years ago. It is believed that Lemuria was the source of indigenous wisdom of all continents. The legend says that the Lemurian shamans foretold the great Flood (of Noah) and stored their wisdom in the form of crystals buried deep within the earth as "seeds." Therefore, today these crystals are often used to access past life experiences and wisdom. However, their healing capacities are also very strong and recognized today as one of the ideal tools for lightworkers, healing grids, balancing, clearing, and activating spiritual energies. Lemurians are a favorite of Reiki healers.

In my healing practice, I frequently use Lemurian as a healing wand, to work on the Solar Plexus (navel center) chakra (although it resonates with all the chakras and can be used for any type of healing). I use it like a laser beam with other crystals to bring a gentle and loving energy to one's will, self-esteem, personal power, and motivation. Many people use Lemurian for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing as well.

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