Green Witchcraft Book: Magical Ways To Walk Softly On the Earth #Q338


Green Witchcraft Book: Magical Ways To Walk Softly On the Earth #Q338

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by Marie Bruce

This practical, beautifully illustrated full-color hardback is a wonderful introduction to green witchcraft, with rituals and exercises to try at home. Do you feel energized when out in nature?

Do you like to surround yourself with plants and crystals? Are you interested in eco-living and reducing our impact on the planet?

Witches have always worked with nature to hone their craft. That deeply symbiotic relationship has meant that they have been at the forefront of the movement to protect the environment and take care of our beautiful planet. This enlightening guide outlines the practices of ethical witchcraft and includes spells for those witches keen to protect the Earth. These practices are broken down into easy-to-follow sections, making a perfect introduction to green witchcraft. 

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