Grape Agate 6" Rough Specimen 20% OFF #M0576LS

$476.00 $595.00 -20% OFF

Grape Agate 6" Rough Specimen 20% OFF #M0576LS

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$476.00 $595.00 -20% OFF

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You are buying the exact item pictured. This is an all natural, Grape Agate rough, double sided specimen with an acrylic display stand.

Size: 2.7" length

Weight: 1.7 oz  (46 gm)

Color: Deep violet

Grape Agate is a newly found crystal specimen from Indonesia that has a clustered, grape like appearance. Its botryoidal formation is a clumping of many rounded segments caused by nucleation seed growth of tiny particulate matter. It has been mistakenly called Amethyst but it is actually a crystalized form of quartz aka chalcedony agate and is quite rare since it is found in only one location. It immediately soothes your whole being with its peaceful and beautiful feminine vibe. It is a strong force for developing a wide range of psychic abilities, dream recall, creative inspiration and mental clarity. Like all Agates, this one is ideal for balance, stability and harmony for any healing need. Handle with gentle care as a display specimen.

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