Glowing! 1 Large Tangerine Pink MOONSTONE Tumbed Stone Grade A Crystal #MT01


Glowing! 1 Large Tangerine Pink MOONSTONE Tumbed Stone Grade A Crystal #MT01

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If you love the moon, then you will adore these exquisite, glowing Tangerine Pink Moonstone Tumbles ...they glimmer like a harvest moon, so dramatic! The Grade A quality is amazing and the color is so unusual. This batch is a deeper peach, called Tangerine with undertones of Pink. It is beautifully banded with light peach striations that give it even more dimensionality. Ahhhh....

You are buying 1 (One) beautiful Large Tangerine Moonstone Tumbled Stone Crystal that is from the exact lot pictured. How sweet it is! It feels absolutely delicious in the hand, cool and smooth, polished to a natural shiny glow like moonlight glimmer.

Size: Large = Approx 1.0" at widest part (all natural stone may vary slightly)
Country of Origin: Madagascar

These lovely tumbled stones are handmade in Madagascar by traditional craftsmen, hand shaped and polished. It has a rich, yet natural patina so it will feel wonderful on the skin for massage. It is all Grade A, suitable for professional use in massage and acupuncture. There is a difference! I hand pick all of these beautiful Moonstones and use them in my professional practice as well as sell them to my clients, who absolutely LOVE them.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Moonstone extensively and primarily for helping women access their Divine Feminine intuition, clairvoyance and spirituality. On the physical level, it is a strong healer for women. It is also widely used for men who are overly "macho" and need to develop their feminine side of compassion, emotional sensitivity and receptivity.

For the highly emotional and overly sensitive people, I recommend not using Moonstone during the day of the full moon or excessive crying fits could occur. However, you can experiment to see if you fall into this category. Otherwise, Moonstone is a very positive influence. Moonstone can be helpful for children and animals with regard to accidents, falls or other injuries. I have also used it to bring about a gradual and positive increase in financial well-being. There is a protective quality to it as well that is traditionally used by travelers, swimmers, sailors and those who are vacationing on cruises. Many psychics use Moonstone to enhance their divining work, so use it for Tarot or any type of card readings, scrying, intutitive readings etc.

Symptom Healing
Following are some widely accepted and additional ways to use this crystal:

Physical: It can be helpful for inducing sensuality and receptivity to a partner and enhancing the feminine aspects of sexuality. For sleeping assist, it can help relaxation into sleep and calming the dream state when one is restless.

Emotional/Mental: Very soothing to the emotions and enhancing emotional intelligence. Alleviates stress. Mentally it removes inhibitions and makes one more receptive to spontaneous expression. Highly recommended for emotional healing.

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