EQ! 1 XL Dark AMBER Red Fire Polished Tumbled Stone Rainbows Mayan #AT08


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EQ! 1 XL Dark AMBER Red Fire Polished Tumbled Stone Rainbows Mayan #AT08

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Why are these so fabulous and why are they called "Red Fire?" This type of Amber is naturally a dark, deep brown reddish color and when held in bright light comes alive with flickers and embers of bright orange, red and yellow rainbow like fire. 

You are buying 1 (One) Extra Large, Red Fire AMBER Tumbled Stone that is from the lot pictured. These fabulous and so very unusual Amber stones have been hand cut and hand polished. They have some cracks and vugs because they are so fragile. They have a semi-translucent quality when held up to light.

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Size: Extra Large = approximately 1.3" - 2.4" length
Weight: Approximately 4 - 8 gm each
Handmade stones may vary slightly in size/weight.
Prices based on weight

This lovely stone originated near Guatamala in the Oligocene/Miocene age some 24-30 million years ago. It is an ancient time capsule that can stir memories of when the Earth was a steamy jungle with dinosaurs roaming! Unlike Baltic Amber, Mayan Amber is not treated by heat, chemicals or other process, just hand polished to a natural smooth shape. Amber was well known by the Mayans and used for both ceremony and jewelry and the early Spanish conquistadors were fascinated by this gorgeous gemstone used by the Aztecs. Amber is a bio-crystal, one of the few organic gemstones (like Jet or Pearls) that originate from a biological process from living organisms. Like Jet, it is very light for its size and feels almost weightless. Be certain to handle it with care so it does not drop on a hard surface as it might break. I carry mine in a fabric roll to protect it between usage.

Amber is a strong overall healer and cleanser. It has a warming and uplifting quality that is ideal for those who need an extra energetic but gentle "boost." I like to use it during the winter's darker months to bring a ray of sunshine to the winter "blahs" as Amber will quickly start to absorb negative energies and help build a positive, sunny mood and disposition.

Please note this is genuine Amber, not Copal which is much more recently formed. Amber has been fossilized over millions of years and Copal is perhaps a thousand years or less. Side by side you can easily tell the difference as well. I have sourced these stones directly from a trusted Mexican source near Guatamela that I have dealt with for many years. Yes, genuine Amber is much more expensive than Copal, but I feel the quality and rarity is worth the once-in-a-lifetime purchase. This beautiful Amber will last a lifetime, properly cared for.

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