Pink Danburite Tumble Stone (1 - 1.6") #LV2278


Pink Danburite Tumble Stone (1 - 1.6") #LV2278

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Size: 1 - 1.6", Approx. 9 g

Known as an Enlightenment Stone, Pink Danburite's beauty connects to the higher heart chakra and spiritual practices such as meditation, heart healing, and communication with Angels, Spirit Guides, and Fairies. Very helpful in lucid dreaming and sound sleep. One of the easiest Ascension stones to use by beginners and is highly valued by experienced practitioners. Danburite enhances the ability to hear Spirit Wisdom and guidance.

Tumbled stones are smaller pieces of crystals or rocks that have been processed in a rock tumbler with water, sand, and grit. Over weeks in a tumbler, the stone edges and surfaces become smooth and sometimes highly polished to bring out the beauty of the stone. The pleasing shape and size of tumbled stones make them desirable as more inexpensive and usable crystals.

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