Blue Lace Agate Mini Tumbled Stones in 20 gm parcel for Peace of Mind #BL20


Blue Lace Agate Mini Tumbled Stones in 20 gm parcel for Peace of Mind #BL20

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You are buying One (1) Grade A, 20 gm Parcel of Blue Lace Agate Mini Tumbled Crystal that is from the same lot pictured.

Size: Mini = Approximately .40" - .75"

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

This is a gorgeous, Grade A, tumbled mix in a breathtaking, soft, baby blue color. I just love the undulating layers of blue on these stones, like waves in the ocean. These are a semi- opaque stone with varigated bands and patterns. So soft and beautiful and just the right size for doing inlay work, crafting, jewelry and all types of creative projects.

They are tumbled smooth and the perfect size for medicine bags, jewelry and crafts. They do have great dimensionality but tend to be flatter as Blue Lace grows naturally in thin layers.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Blue Lace Agate for clients who need serious peace of mind and a "cool down" effect from anger, inflammation, agitation or fevers. Emotionally, it mitigates the effects of suppressed emotions and blocked memories that fester under the surface. If there is any area in your life that needs "gentle-ing," then this crystal will do the job.

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