Bedtime Self Help Natural Sleep Crystal Companion Set w Gift Box #K176a


Bedtime Self Help Natural Sleep Crystal Companion Set w Gift Box #K176a

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These 6 crystals are legendary for enhancing sleep, and relaxation and promoting sweet dreams. All hand-picked stones, and equally beautiful and similar in size, about .90" - 1.4" across. I hold them in my hand, put one on my forehead, and do some deep breathing, then put them all under the pillow.

Includes Box, and bag for storage, as well as an information sticker attached to the front of the box.

Moonstone ( mostly white, some have black tourmaline inclusions )
Amethyst ( purple )
Lepidolite (light violet with some speckles and white)
Selenite ( translucent white )
Sodalite ( dark blue with veins )
Blue Lace Agate ( light blue with bands )
White Howlite ( white with grey veins )

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color. Picture color and clarity may vary on different monitors, mobile devices, and color settings. These stones have more natural variations and textures; they have not been polished completely smooth.

It's bedtime and your mind is racing, your body aches and there's nothing more you want than a good night's sleep! When you want to drift off to dreamland and let your mind truly relax into natural sleep, try this wonderful set of healing crystals...for yourself or a gift for a special person.

Yes, this is the same crystal set that I use under my pillow at night - so soothing and conducive to meditation. It includes a box, and velvet bag to keep them together. It is especially helpful when I travel and need to relax and fall asleep in a strange place...

Nitey-nite! ZZZzzzzzzz....

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