Anxiety Self Help Natural Healing Crystal Companion Set w Gift Box #SK6963


Anxiety Self Help Natural Healing Crystal Companion Set w Gift Box #SK6963

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You are buying a Hand Crafted Set of 7 Crystal Companions for the symptoms of Anxiety. While these crystals do not replace your doctor or medical advice, they can be very helpful as touch stones to find comfort from the tension, fear and stress of Anxiety. Tuck these all natural energy guides in your purse, under your pillow, lay them directly on the body or keep them in a small dish by your bedside. The set includes these 7 Crystals:

* Amethyst Aura – (lilac purple) aka Rainbow Amethyst, it is treated with gold and iridium to produce an aura shine that calms the mind and reduces mental tension

* Hematite – (metallic and slightly magnetic black stone) ground body & mind to earth

* Apophyllite Tip – (clear) reduces stress and can be used in Reiki to eliminate negativity

* Black Jade - reverse adversity, negativity

*Chrysoprase - release emotional overload

*Green Calcite - Hope, forgiveness, let go

* Rough Quartz Point - known as the Master Healer to cleanse and amplify your other crystals

All this power is beautifully packaged in a sturdy white gift box, with an organza bag (for carrying in your car, bag or under the pillow) and a distinctive gift card listing the crystals. You can safely place any of these stones on your body wherever symptoms appear.

May you enjoy wisdom, discernment and divine guidance on your life's journey!

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