PINK & GREEN TOURMALINE Rough Mini Stone Crystal 50 Carats Gem Parcel #PT01

$7.95 $9.95 -21% OFF

PINK & GREEN TOURMALINE Rough Mini Stone Crystal 50 Carats Gem Parcel #PT01

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$7.95 $9.95 -21% OFF

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You are buying 1 Parcel of beautiful, gemmy Pink and Green Tourmaline Rough Mini Crystals from the exact lot that is pictured. This mix is a very bright, all natural color of mostly Pink stones with a few Greens intermixed. There are approximately 150 pieces per parcel, weighing a total of 10 gm. Ideal for crafting and jewelry when you need an Extra Quality crystal. This batch is washed very clean and ready to use.

Size: Very small mixed sizes from 3 mm - 8 mm each piece
Weight: 10 gm = 50 carats (we add extras in case some quartz or matrix is mixed in)

These are gorgeous, clear gemmy pieces from San Jose Safira, Minas Gerais. Brazil. Absolutely beautiful, sparkly little gemstones ready to be made into your lovely vision or included in medicine bags, perfumes, crystal potions or other metaphysical uses.
The quality of this is quite exceptional,very gemmy, sparkling and tranlucent. So very pretty!

Pink Tourmaline is my "go-to" crystal for all matters of the heart including finding love, healing a broken heart and uplifting everyday stresses to quiet joy. In my professional practice Pink Tourmaline is what I use for people who are doing significant spiritual and emotional work in relationships; or need a serious metaphysical detoxification or rejuvenation. It is impossible to list all of the symptoms and problems that this amazing crystal can address, but it is safe to say that it is an OVERALL HEALER for practically any condition. It is the perfect addition to any medicine bag for that reason.

Emotional/Mental: Excellent for manifesting dreams into physical reality, abundance and prosperity.

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