LIBYAN DESERT GLASS 26gm Genuine Rough Stone + Bag #LG07

$172.00 $288.00 -41% OFF

LIBYAN DESERT GLASS 26gm Genuine Rough Stone + Bag #LG07

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$172.00 $288.00 -41% OFF

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You are buying the rare, Genuine LIBYAN DESERT GLASS Rough Stone that is pictured.

Weight: 26 gm
Stone size: 2.4" across x 1.3" wide x 1.0" thick
Shape: Mostly chunky with organic mountain-like peak

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

A very special piece for a very special God or Goddess! A once in a lifetime treasure...this is a Libyan Desert Glass stone that has been left natural and Rough.

When you want to reach for the stars, use Libyan Glass as your Gentle Guiding Crystal companion. It is a direct descendant of a comet or meteorite that has traveled the heavenly zodiac and crashed to earth in firey splendor. It brings a highly charged spiritual energy and is one of the only "extraterrestrial" stones known.

The Stone originates only from the Northwest Egyptian Libya border where it formed as a tektite from a meteorite hitting the earth about 28 million years ago.

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