20 gm XS Gem AMETHYST Zambia Tumbled Mini Stone Crystal #W2GA


20 gm XS Gem AMETHYST Zambia Tumbled Mini Stone Crystal #W2GA

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You are buying 20 gm of Collector Quality, Gemmy Amethyst Dark Tumbled Mini Stone Crystals from Zambia in size XSS that are from the lot pictured. (For scale the bowl is 4" diameter)

Size: 8 - 15 mm (1/4" - 5/8") each stone
Weight: 20 gm (.70 oz)
Stone Count: Approx 20 - 40 (this listing is by weight not stone count so it may vary slightly)

This is a gorgeous, custom tumbled mix of gemmy Zambia, translucent, very dark purple stones. These stones reflect light beautifully and have that true dark purple color,with absolutely NO matrix. You may see an occasional clear or white chevron. This is a much higher gem quality than our regular mini stones and are perfect for making jewelry, crafts, using in healing layouts or medicine bags. Overall the Amethyst energy is soothing and deeply relaxing.

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