2 Small Smoky CITRINE Quartz Tumbled Stone for Prosperity #SQ62


2 Small Smoky CITRINE Quartz Tumbled Stone for Prosperity #SQ62

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You are buying Two (2) Collector Quality, GEMMY SMOKY CITRINE Dark Golden Brown Tumbled Stone Crystal that are from the same lot as the stones pictured.

Size: Small = Approximately .50" - .90"
Country/Place of Origin: African Congo

Natural stones may vary slightly from stated size, weight, and color as shown. Picture color and clarity may vary due to different settings on monitors and mobile devices.

If you can NEVER get enough Citrine, here's your next treasure - All Natural Gemmy African Smoky Citrine! Wow these are so clear and SPECTACULAR, no picture can do them justice. Real gems, not heat treated and so very rare.

These are high quality, translucent stones that are far beyond most tumbled Citrine. They have been tumbled very smooth and hand polished into an organic rounded, more chunky shape. Simply gorgeous and fit to be made into wonderful jewelry or other crafting projects. Metaphysically this is the premier stone for attracting Money, Prosperity and Abundance (see more below). And combined with Smoky Quartz, they have an extra protective quality as well.

This is an incredible and RARE, custom tumbled mix of sparkling, super gemmy Smoky Citrine, the best from the African Congo. It is markedly different (and much more expensive) than the regular Citrine Quartz sold because it has no matrix stone on it and has not been heat treated. But don't let their glass like quality fool you, these are the real thing! Pure Smoky Citrine gemstone that is ideal for making jewelry, medicine bags, quality artwork and other gem related projects. When you feel these stones in your hand, you get the impression of liquid dark amber honey flowing through your fingers. They are so beautiful, filled with light and abundance! You can sense the prosperity energy right away.

Overall the Smoky Citrine energy is uplifting, warming, motivating, abundant. These stones have a nice smooth surface because they have been tumbled and polished to bring out their beauty. So they are great to put in a pocket, just hold in your hand or for using in a medicine bag (see below for ideas). Be sure to see below for a full description of Smoky Citrine's metaphysical attributes and uses.

Notes From My Professional Experience
In my healing practice, I use Smoky Citrine as one of the Essential Eleven stones on a daily basis, primarily for abundance (of anything including money), success and overall positive energy. It is one of the premier stones when one must energize, heal and recharge on any level. Because it is a combination stone of smoky quartz and natural citrine it also has a high protective quality too. Emotionally and physically it has an immediate and powerful effect to uplift and bring light into the aura. It is frequently used in Feng Shui (wealth corner), in the meditation space (on altar) and at place of business (in safe, cash register or cash box). It never needs cleansing and can operate entirely by itself without any other crystal to complement it.

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